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We are well aware that the world of finance, specifically mortgages, can be very jargon and terminology heavy and can quite easily become overwhelming. That's where we come in! At Need Financial Planning we offer a very down-to-earth, jargon-free service and do everything we can to keep that overwhelm at bay. We've set up our Mortgage Hub Academy as a point of reference for all things mortgage, aiming to give simple explanations, illustrations and examples of any new terminology you may come across;

The Home Buying Process

The mortgage process

A look at the different steps and what to expect on your mortgage journey.


The role of your solicitor

So, you've got your mortgage offer and it's now over to your solicitors to see you through to completion. Here's what to expect...

All of the people involved

Learn about the 'who's who' of the mortgage and home purchasing world.


How much will a mortgage cost me per month?

Try this handy calculator from MoneyHelper.

Mortgage deposits explained

All you need to know about mortgage deposits.

Things to avoid before applying for a mortgage

Be sure to avoid these potential mortgage hurdles...

Valuations explained

What's the difference between a mortgage valuation and a property valuation?

Mortgage Affordabilty

A look at how affordability is calculated and what size mortgage you can expect to achieve.

Mortgage Glossary

An A-Z of all the terms you may come across while on your mortgage journey.

What does LTV mean?

Loan-to-value (LTV) is a ratio used to illustrate how much money your borrowing against the value of a property.

What is a Decision in Principal?

Obtaining a Decision/ Agreement in Principal is a key step of your mortgage journey.

The different types of mortgage

The difference between repayment and interest-only mortgages and which one is right for you.

Employment & Income


vs Self Employed

Your employment status doesn't affect what mortgage products you're eligible for. However, there are some differences in application requirements that you'll need to be aware of.



A look at how your income affects your borrowing potential and what calculations are used to determine your affordability.

Other income

A look at 'other income' types and how lenders may view them.


Saving for your deposit

Be sure to avoid these potential mortgage hurdles...

How existing debt impacts your mortgage affordability

Debt won't necessarily hinder your mortgage chances, it will have an impact on the amount you can borrow though.

Knowing your budget

Understanding your finances and taking the time to work out your budget is vital when it comes to looking at mortgages...

How much stamp duty will I have to pay?

A useful stamp duty calculator from Money Helper.